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Here is a quick list of other sticky areas. A consultant, not a registered lobbyist, meets a lawmaker regarding a company’s programs. Does this meeting require reporting under the Lobbying Disclosure Act?
A consultant also represents a company’s competitors. Is there a conflict of interest? Can the consultant access both firms’ proprietary information?
A consultant meets a foreign attaché to market a company’s product to a foreign government. Gifts are exchanged,Spyder Kids Ski Pants. Does this violate the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act? What controls are in place to prevent such a violation?
Here’s another example. In order to carry out his or her contract with a company, the consultant hires a former senior Defense Department official who resigned from his government position three months ago. Will his new duties cause him to violate his post-employment restrictions?
As these scenarios indicate, actions by consultants and other agents may implicate a company, tar its reputation, disqualify it from procurements and subject it to liability,Moncler Vest Women. To avoid such a possibility, companies should carefully screen consultants before engaging them, monitor them throughout the engagement, and specify in their contracts what services are included and what actions are prohibited.
Here are some recommendations when working with consultants.
Before retaining a consultant, take steps to verify background and reputation for competent and ethical business performance. If retaining a firm, this scrutiny should be applied to all firm personnel working on the account. Does the consultant represent a competitor, have any employment restrictions,Spyder Kids Ski Jackets, or consult for the government?European tech and telecom stocks carrying heavy debt loads are jumping today on optimism regarding the ECB's latest efforts to prop up Europe's bond markets. NOK +6.1%. ALU +4.5%,Moncler Vest Men. TI +7.8%. TEF +3.6%. Many Asian tech names are also posting solid gains, after the continent's stock markets rallied overnight in the wake of a new Chinese stimulus plan. YOKU +4.8%. SPRD +4,Spyder Men Ski Suits.7%. SNE +3.6%. [Tech, On the Move] 2 Comments TSLA 2:36 PM The rave reviews for Tesla Motors' (TSLA +2.9%) Model S aren't quite done pouring in after Motor Trend just returned from a Vegas-to-L.A. test drive that proved both the 265 mpg equivalent rating and zero-to-60 mph acceleration in under six seconds are valid. The company has the highly-anticipated Model X slated for 2014 if production wrinkles are worked out. As for cash burn, Elon Musk says as long as there aren't a "bunch of screw-ups," the automaker should be in good financial shape. [Consumer] 11 Comments 2:33 PM Hedge funds eked out a 0.7% gain in August,Spyder Coats, the 3rd consecutive month in the green, but still trailing the S&P's August advance of 2.25%. For the year, the $2T industry's funds - which often charge 2 and 20 - have advanced 4,Spyder Men Ski Jackets.1%, more than 900 basis points behind the nearly free S&P 500. Comment! BHI 2:28 PM The U.S,Moncler Jackets Women. natural gas rig count continues its steady slide, shedding another 21 rigs last week to 452, down from 892 a year ago, Baker Hughes (BHI +2.4%) reports. The U.S. oil rig count also fell, down 10 to 1,409 but way up from 1,057 a year ago. Canada's total for both oil and gas rigs rose in the past week but are down significantly Y/Y. [Energy, On the Move] Comment!

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