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Autor: vit51974 Verfasst am: Mo Dez 10, 2012 5:26 pm Titel: It was our piece of the National Day of Action
In my years fighting for working people, I witnessed something on July 24 I never thought I would see: low-wage workers from as many as 10 different campaigns coming together as one for better wages,Moncler Jackets Women, meaningful benefits and -- most of all -- respect,Moncler Jackets Men.
It was an amazing sight,Spyder Men Ski Jackets. Workers from car washes, supermarkets, airports and laundries, joining hands with domestic workers, day care providers and even locked-out Con Edison employees, speaking and demonstrating in a single voice,Spyder Women Ski Gloves.
It was our piece of the National Day of Action, where groups across the country staged rallies and demonstrations for workers' rights and raising the minimum wage,Spyder Kids Ski Jackets. Helping low-wage workers and boosting the minimum wage helps all of us in the 99 percent and strengthens the economy now, instead of waiting for help to trickle down,Spyder Men Ski Pants.
Here in New York, it began with a press conference in Herald Square in Midtown Manhattan, where workers told how they try to support their families while making $4 or $5 and hour -- well under the ridiculously low $7.25 minimum wage -- with no overtime, benefits or paid sick days,Spyder Kids Ski Pants.
Three mayoral candidates were there,Spyder Coats, along with a lot of politicians. Everyone was grateful for their support, but the day belonged to the workers.

Autor: vit51974 Verfasst am: Sa März 02, 2013 5:36 am Titel: Miu Miu Bags
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez remained on his sickbed in Cuba on Thursday while supporters planned to rally in his honor on the day he should have been sworn in for a new six-year term in the South American OPEC nation.
The postponement of the inauguration,Miu Miu Handbags,Miu Miu Online, a first in Venezuelan history,Miu Miu Online,Miu Miu Tote, has laid bare the gravity of Chavez's condition after complications from a fourth cancer operation in his pelvic area,Miu Miu Online,Miu Miu Online.
It has also left his chosen heir,Miu Miu Totes, Vice President Nicolas Maduro - a former bus driver who shares his boss's radical socialist views - in charge of day-to-day government until there is clarity over whether Chavez will recover or not,Miu Miu Bags.
"People traveling on foot, the humble,Miu Miu Online,Miu Miu Bags, the patriots ,Miu Miu Bags,Miu Miu Tote... tomorrow we're going to demonstrate,Miu Miu Purses,Miu Miu Tote, one proud people with one slogan: we are all Chavez,Miu Miu Bags,Miu Miu Totes!" Maduro said in a televised cabinet meeting late on Wednesday.
The president, whose legendary energy and garrulous dominance of the airwaves had often made him seem omnipresent in Venezuela since 1999, has not been seen in public nor heard from since his surgery on December 11.

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