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once a political high-flier vying for a top job.

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Anmeldedatum: 15.06.2012
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Wohnort: England

BeitragVerfasst am: Do Feb 14, 2013 2:46 am    Titel: once a political high-flier vying for a top job. Antworten mit Zitat

President Cristina Fernandez is being coy about whether she wants to stay in power after her constitutional term ends.
The possibility of "Cristina Forever" was mentioned a few weeks ago by several mayors, governors and lawmakers who want to run again but can't because of term limits imposed by local constitutions,Miu Miu Bags. Fernandez herself won the second of two four-year terms with 54 percent of the vote last October, and cannot run for a third consecutive term unless the national constitution is changed,Miu Miu Totes,Miu Miu Totes.
The president's critics and even a few of her supporters oppose changing the constitution to allow Fernandez to run again in 2015. "No one is irreplaceable,Miu Miu Online," said conservative Buenos Aires Mayor Mauricio Macri, who is among the fiercest critics of Fernandez,Miu Miu Online. He warned against the dangers of "getting embroiled in things of the ego,Miu Miu Totes, meanness and individualism,Miu Miu Online,Miu Miu Handbags."
But Fernandez,Miu Miu Online, and members of her inner circle, have not taken a public position,Miu Miu Handbags.
Some political analysts believe that Fernandez needs to have the possibility of a third term floating in the public's consciousness to maintain power.
"This is a political strategy by the president to survive politically," said journalist and political analyst Ignacio Fidanza, who runs the political website lapoliticalonline,Miu Miu,Miu Miu Bags. "The subject of a possible third term for Fernandez arises because she needs it as a defense: she needs the threat of her permanence in power to maintain discipline among the Peronists."China signaled Tuesday it will be lenient with a former police chief enmeshed in a political scandal roiling the country's leadership, saying he cooperated with investigators who brought down a top Chinese politician's wife for the murder of a British businessman,Miu Miu Purses,Miu Miu Purses.
Tuesday's conclusion of Wang Lijun's trial brings Chinese leaders a step closer to resolving a scandal that exposed seamy infighting and buffeted a delicate transfer of power to new leaders expected to take place in coming weeks. Wang sparked the turbulent affair with a dramatic flight to the U,Miu Miu Handbags.S,Miu Miu Bags. Consulate in Chengdu in February where he divulged information about the murder,Miu Miu Online, resulting in the removal of his boss,Miu Miu Handbags, Bo Xilai,Miu Miu Tote,Miu Miu Handbags, once a political high-flier vying for a top job.
Wang faced charges of defection, bending the law for personal gain, bribery and abuse of power,Miu Miu Handbags,Miu Miu Online, most stemming from his consulate escapade and initial cover-up of the murder,Miu Miu Purses. In summarizing the two-day trial,Miu Miu Purses, a spokesman for the Intermediate People's Court in Chengdu city said prosecutors noted that Wang's surrender to authorities and ultimate cooperation may merit lighter punishment.
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Verfasst am: Do Feb 14, 2013 2:46 am    Titel: Ähnliche Themen

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